Sorry. Help Again Please Re PIP

Hi guys, need some more advice. Should I start an application for PIP in the UK? I was diagnosed with SCA 1 a couple of years ago. I still work selling vehicles. I walk without a cane etc (although not always in a straight line!). I have only fallen a couple of times. Thats usually when I change direction too quickly.

Life is a lot harder but I can do a lot of tasks eventually. I cant carry open drinks as my hands shake and I spill them. Putting heavy things in the oven is difficult and I have dropped a few dinners.

I am just aware that PIP is a gateway to other benefits which I will need in the not too distant future.

Dear Scotty, I had to give up my business last year but do walk with a cane and can only walk about 50 - 100 yards at most. There is now very strict criteria for PIP. If you are still working and do not need a cane and can walk more than 50 yards, I don't think you will qualify. Sorry to be so down. I have applied and was accepted for PIP in January, but was physically assessed, made to show that I couldn't stand on tiptoe, or had to have help in the kitchen, help with bathing, and walking a short distance with a crutch.

I suggest you apply and see what happens, I have to say it is a blessing for me. I can afford a cleaning lady to help with the house and have had various grab rails put in. It does help each month with anything that becomes difficult or impossible to do. I can't carry two mugs of tea - it's disaster!!

Good Luck and try and apply but be prepared to wait about 5/6 months for a decision. Lisa x

Hi Scotty if I was you I would apply for pip straight away. I’ve had ataxia for years been on low benefits for a long time . I applied for pip last December and still waiting for assessment with atos. I know of people waiting over a year for assessment s.

Please see my reply below. Lisaxx

Hi scotty,
Yes I think you should apply for it.
I applied and get the low rate mobility and living allowance. I lead a pretty normal life but what PIP does is just give me that extra help. It doesn’t matter if you work or have savings, it is to help you with day to day life. I hope this helps you.
Best wishes, Philippa.

HI Scotty,

I've got EA2 and applied a few months ago, since then they have put up the amount of Diamox I take a day and I haven't needed my cane since, my attacks are also lessening.

I'm not sure if I will get anything and to be honest I don't really expect to, but!!! you never know until you try!!

ATOS is going and a new company will replace them, due to public outcry over the way they have treated people it might not be as hard with the new company?

Either way if you don't ask you don't get so go put pen to paper and try.


Hi Scotty,

I first applied for DLA in 2005 while I was still working and the benefit has been upgrade as my condition progressed. I eould advise you to get the application in ASAP. I just assisted my son putting together a PIP application and the form is daunting and I be happy to supply some tips and phrase which seem to be well received by the assessors.

Regarding the carrying of liquids, I can heartily recommend which for $12.95 US and a couple of weeks wait for shipping will solve your immediate problems for carrying one cup at a time.


The form is a minefield and takes very careful completion. I got help from A disability advisor at Citizens Advice Bureau. You will need evidence and support from all your specialists. Its well worth having a go. I was assessed by a Specialist Neurological nurse, my walking was assessed. It is well worth it. If knocked back the first time appeal and try again. Start the process in motion you may be missing benefits. I was advised to try by my Ataxia nurse/specialist.. If you are like most Ataxians slowly or not so slowly getting worse. Lots of luck and patience Peter

Yes go for it, I have slow progression ataxia, never been able to carry a full cup, I do have a thespillnot from ebay UK which I use every day at work. PIP is based on the impact not how disabled you are, my motobility car gets me to work, reducing isolation the money helps for the things you have to do or buy to live a normal life. The current customer 'journey' time from you contacting them to decision is 16 weeks max also a claim can be backdated 52 weeks. Some assessments are not face to face but if you do go for an assessment please take somebody who knows your daily struggles or the CAB can put you in touch with avocate service such as powher, never go alone it doesn't go in your favor. Also ask DWP or The Citizens advice to support you to complete the forms. This will add more weight and don't be proud tell them what its like on a bad day. Good luck cd

BTW I work in this field I'm not a professional benefit claimant before anybody asks lol