I'd like to share with you a simple elocution lesson I practice over and over when I'm sitting around doing nothing..Which can be quiet often,lol...I pronounce out-loud the 'days of the week' and then the 'months of the year' slowly and as precise as I am able to do..

I no longer say Satderderday or Twosday,anymore! Well,sometimes I guess! Give it a try and we're all open to any more suggestions :-)<

I have noticed that my speech is so clear in the middle of the night !! My husband thinks I am crazy when I start talking in the middle of the night !!

Thank you Ozzy.Talking to strangers is so hard so I’m going to try this. Have you noticed that singing is usually clear but you can’t go around singing to people! Best wishes Anna

Thanks. My speech isn’t affected yet. But I’m in an early stage. Still I’m looking for any way to prevent early onset.

What a great idea. People say "what" less often but I can always use the practice. As far as suggestions go the only thing i can say is what you're doing already. I keep talking! My brother asked me to stop singing (I sound like I'm killing the cat!) but simple songs are good too!

My speech therapist helped me to accept that my old voice was gone but I can make my new voice easier to understand by conciously using over enunciation! Sounds strange to me when I talk, but my husband swears that it doesn’t sound silly and people can understand me. So I would say that’s a pretty good trade off

Practice, practice and never give up! Be strong! It is easier to quit then keep trying make 2015 Your Year!!!!!!!!!

Thanks. I am sure there are many many words that I don't pronounce properly. For instance: If a word has double tt's, such as "utter" I pronounce those words "udder."

Thank you. That is good and easy idea. For about the past ten years almost every day I do mouth exercises. I learned to do the exercises during a bunch of speech therapy sessions. This has helped, but I still need to make myself slow down. My voice is gravelly but I have a strong lower facial area.

I agree with you all

Dr.pcp told me to read outloud. She said 2 chapters a day. She also said that singing uses a different part of brain than talking so is clearer. That is why stuttèrers can sing. My speech didn't go until other symptoms were bad. Still talk worse when tîred.

Thanks Ozzy, I'm alone for most of the day. I can pretend I'm still working. God bless. Shireen