Special Needs Trust

Anybody have a Special Needs Trust? I have been reading about them and plan to check into it.

I have never heard of it can you explain more?

please share what you find. I hope to research it too but cannot right now. thanks

A lawyer is needed to set up special needs trust. Helps persons who may not be able to qualify for SSI. They are legal trusts u just have to research the topic here in the states n find reputable lawyers that specialize in that area. A good place to start is your local branch of a national disability advocacy groups. There r different kinds of special needs trust also.

Thanks for the intro info!

To understand what it is, google "special need trust " for the definition.

I've never heard of a ''special needs trust", but am thinking about checking into "long term care insurance". I'm married and my dear husband is such a help/comfort. But, I wonder what I'd do if he was gone. I know it's a rather morbid thought, but with a disability, one has to be pro-active about the future.... ;o)