Hi , I’ve been reading some negative articles about statins and wonder if they could have some effect on ataxia.has anyone got any thoughts about this?
Thanks Anna

I have refused statins as they do affect muscles. In fact I have read [in articles about vitamins and minerals] that CoQ10 supplements are recommended for people who take statins. CoQ10 is produced by the body but is depleted by statins. [apparently]

I just try to keep Cholesterol down with exercise and diet. Our GP surgery doesnt seem to bother with regular testing but then our surgery just bother about anything LOL


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Hi Patsy,thanks for your reply.I have decided to give statins a miss for a you I have been taking q10. It’s so hard to know what to take_ vit D,vit.E I think I rattle when I move. x

I won't take them ever again!

Hi Anna, my mom had high cholesterol, it run's in her family. Her dad died of heart problems related to his high cholesterol at a young age. Mum refused statins, she ask her Dr if she could take RyChol it's natural and it worked for her. Her Dr said a lot of her patients were taking it with good results.

Thank you Linda . I’ll check it out Annax