Doubling Up on CoQ-10

Has anyone tried doubling up on CoQ-10 for temporarily more energy? If so, did it work for you? What were the side effects?

No but please keep m e posted

I don't take co q10

But am on a supplement that has the same ingredients

No I have been given conflicting advice from health professionals about CoQ10.

One being that, as your body produces it anyway, if you havent got a deficiency, a larger dose than 30mg cannot help.

The other being, only megadoses can be beneficial but this is unproven.

I just take the 30mg pill each day.

I too am interested to hear other opinions.

When you say doubling up, what are you taking now? My wife's neuro has her taking 1200 mgs a day and she has been on that dose for 10 years. She has no side effects but as far as added energy, I don't see that as a result.


I've been taking 800 although it's been researched you should take 1200. The point behind it is that it keeps your cells from deteriorating which would slow down the cerebellum shrinkage. That's the only research I've read that makes some sense. As for more energy...I don't see difference. Exersize is the only thing that energizes me but at the same time tires me.

Dear Glitter on Butterflies, Originally I started taking 300 mg daily of CoQ10 because Im on a statin drug (Crestor) for high cholestrol, Statin drugs can cause achy muscles, which I had. Therefore, my cardiologist put me on CoQ10 and no more achy muscles. I'd taken that amount for quite some time. I now take 600 mg daily (300 mgs am/300 mgs pm) as my neurologist upped my dose saying more might be beneficial for my ataxia. I have no side-effects and have no idea if it gives me more energy. The only thing I DON't have is achy muscles, which is why I originally went on it. I'd have to go off it for a while to see if there's any difference in my energy level, which I'm not willing to do, as i don't want achy muscles again! My theory is, if it isn't broken, don't fix it...,ha!

Thank you, everyone!

I only take 100 mg; if I do double it (and go for expensive urine :)), I’ll check with a medical expert or pharmacist.

I take 800mg daily to re-energize and protect my cells for the past 15 years. 400mg in the morning and 400mg in the evening. As a matter of fact the Neurologist that turned me on to CoQ10 has passed away at the age of 67.

Before any change in condition or medical consumption PLEASE seek medical advice


Many people with Ataxia take this....

Many say they dont feel any difference...

there is also a Herbal remedy that is the equivalent to CoQ-10 (forgive me cant recall the name)

Many Medical professionals claim that to have any benefit from CoQ10 that the intake may be of a High dosage for very little benefit...

the placebo effect may play a more important role...

Many Ataxians who do use CoQ-10 are not sure of the benefits, but carry on taking it as if they stopped the intake, it maybe only then that any slight benefit will be noticable because of its absence....

As JC says "all you get is expensive urine"

A phrase that is very well know when mentioning CoQ-10 and Ataxia ....