Stress Management Successful Techniques

What are some ways that you’ve found helpful when dealing with stress?

Working out is one way, reading is another.

Meditation and sitting somewhere quiet works for me. Just try and regulate your breathing

I use hypnotherapy cd for anxiety attacks or more generally knitting, crochet and word games on facebook,


Drugs,working out, drugs, drugs, drugs, sitting down, saying "yesyou can!" (to borrow a leaf from Pres. Obama) watching Mad Men re-runs.

I find nothing. But to deal with it. Talk to myself. lol

I have a little rag doll a friend gave me. It is called a “dammit doll” . Oops! can you say the D…word on this forum? Anyway, you grab her by the legs and whack her on anything or anybody you like as you repeat D…it, Da…it, D…it!!!

Works very well, gets all the frustration out of you. I suppose a punching ball would work the same way, but the doll is easier to carry around if necessary.

I have given a doll to a few friends and they love it. Very effective therapy:-)


LOL...,Cicina and Cynders, You responses made me laugh...,ha!...,thank you! Seriously though, I LOVE listening to different kinds of music. I especially enjoy classical and piano music, but listen to light rock also. I also like some Country music. Depends on my mood at the time. I try to exercise/stretch each day, as that's great for physical and mental stress release. ;o)

Reading the Bible every morning to start my day out right, and positive. There always is some kind of message there for me that gives me more strength do do what I need to do for the day. Gives me a purpose to keep going while having the challenges with this ataxia.

I join on line Bible studies when I can to get idea's and just to relate with other believers too. Here is a new one that is starting Aug 4:

Stay home AND go to Bible study – how? Join Proverbs 31 Ministries for Lysa TerKeurst’s, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God

I don't always do them exactly but that's the great thing you can go at your own pace and still have an outline.

Great advice Jeannie! Thanks for the link! ;o)