I have been going for about three sessions so far. I have found it very useful in understanding my past depressions and stress related symptoms.I don't have any illusions about being physically better but it has helped me to accept it more. I was told by my daughter, that I was dwelling on the illness rather than moving on.I know it is hard and perfectly natural for us to compare now with what we used to be like I went to change my attitude.My daughter is very blunt and I found I was looking at the past and not living in the present.It made me realise how much I have to be grateful for.I could have done with the hypnotherapy when I experienced all the the megastress.I have also decided to cut down on my antidepressants gradually now that I have more understanding.Has anyone else been for hypnotherapy and did it help?

Happy Christmas everyone.


yes three or four sessions bur just use cd's now - find them very useful if I cant sleep due to pain, skin irritation or anxiety attacks.

Patsy x

Used to get anxiety attacks at 5 in the morning.I also have a cd but haven't used it yet.It's amazing how the mind can go round and round in circles so that by the time we get up we feel exhausted.


My anxiety attacks are very much to do with socialising - especially with family - and strangely it is usually after the event rather than building up to it. I replay conversations in my head over and over, asking myself, did I speak out of turn! Were people judging me?

I'm much more content at home with my online friends.

Patsy x

Hi Patsy

My husband is like that too. He gets IBSbadly even thinking about it and spends most of the time in the toilet.

Luckily I am not afraid of social situations but am frightened of making wrong decisions.



I can't stop laughing at things which is a bit embarrassing.


I laugh in wrong places and then try to say something to cover it up and make it worse!!


Peole probably think I 've lost my marbles as well.

lol I often think that - they dont seem to laugh with me!

My daughter in law is afraid I will fall and frighten the children - happened once - makes me very nervous