Stretching Exercise

I use a walker, and putting extra stress on my neck, arms and shoulders and upper back - what is a good stretch to do daily, since putting much body weight moving a walker?

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I find stretching utterly important as well (and I use a walker, too) as well as all exercise. As keeping our balance is an issue for us, I tend to do a lot of things sitting. E.g. this video includes many good ways to stretch (not only your upper body).

Hi Faye-If you’re able to get on the floor, you can try putting your legs in a diamond-shape in front of you on the floor and lean over your legs…or sit in a chair and hang your body forward. Also, if you bring your arms up over your head from the sides and clasp your fingers, go side-to-side, and take deep breaths as you do it, does the trick for me for stretching before and after exercises - knock on wood :slight_smile: Also, apparently getting your heart-rate up slightly before you stretch is supposed to help.

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