The death grip

I do have one question for you all. My wife has what we refer to as "the death grip". If she tries to eat a sandwich, she squeezes it so hard it falls apart. I have more bruises from her grabbing my wrists when helping her up or down in a chair. Is this common with ataxia or am I looking at yet another problem. The grip thing is not new, just getting progressively worse. Dick

I have a similar problem, when out I love a drink, but drop the glass or my death grip will crush a plastic, I have overcome this by using a stout plastic mug with a handle, ok so it tells the story of Pëter Rabbit but this is preferable to a cold shower.

I have this problem. I am known for being able to squeeze the yolk out of an egg by just holding it (a real circus act:-) but I am yet to bruise my husband’s hand!..

Have a good week-end!

Many a sandwich have fallen victim to my grip!

Yes when I used to help my Dad walk his grip was "Death grip" very strong

Dear Dick, I laughed at you and your wife's description of her "death grib", because that's EXACTLY how my husband and I describe mine...,ha! When my husband and I are walking he holds my left hand, as I have my cane in my right. I grip his hand so tightly, hence the "death grip". I have to keep thinking to myself to lighten-up. I also grip other things this way. I've squeezed the life out of many items, sandwhich Included! Definitely an "ataxia" thing! My best to you and your wife..., ;o)

:) boy, I can definitely relate to all of you. All too familiar !!!