This wheelchair gives users a new level of mobility

Still in the prototype stage, and currently allowing test users to refine the chair.

To operate, lean forward or back, or use a joy stick. Goes practically anywhere.


Very cool concept. This looks very familiar to me.

They had over a million views when the idea was first launched on YouTube last year!

At the moment they only have the one prototype but 5 more are in the system, funding seems to be the stumbling block. They actually hope to go into production in the not too distant future :slight_smile:

It reminds me of a Segway the way it can be manipulated. I looked on their site, to buy one of the prototypes I’d need a second mortgage or a lottery win. They hope if enough people show interest, and put in orders, the price will be substantially reduced :)xB


Sony or Honda I don't remember which has one with a single wheel that can go different ways and decided not to put on the market but they use it only in their office bldgs. for their employees only. I think this may be too darn expensive for the average ataxian though.