Tiny exercise...great stress buster

Here’s a tiny exercise with often big results.
Step one: take a breath…relax…close your eyes
Step two: become aware of where your tongue is…
… is it resting in the well of your mouth or with the tip of your tongue
sitting pressed either to the roof of your mouth or up against
the back of your front teeth?
Step three: if your tongue is anywhere other than relaxed
in the well of your mouth…gently drop it down to rest in the well.

There’s a pressure point that’s activated when we press our tongue to the roof or back of our front teeth. Dropping our tongue into the well of our mouth…and believe me, it can be difficult to develop the habit until it becomes automatic, will result in reliable stress release. I totally thought it was a joke when I first saw the question “Where does your tongue rest?” on a breathing questionnaire! But it really works! After practice you’ll recognize whenever you are stressed and get yourself out of the stress by dropping your tongue back into the well of your mouth. Let me know how much it helps…in a couple of weeks from now…JD

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