Tired tongue/chewing difficulties?

I'm finding that when I eat dinner, after chewing my tongue feels heavy and my jaw gets really tired. I think this goes along with the whole slurring of words that also happens to me at night. Does this happen to anyone else? Any tips on how to stop it?

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I'm starting to have occasional slurring of my speech. You can't stop it. CSA's are going to do what they want but I did go to a speech therapist and she did work with me and gave me some things to work on. You might want to try a speech therapist if you haven't already.

Ditto ...Also cut meats into small pieces to reduce the strength required whilst chewing..Chewing is still very vital in preventing choking (Dysphagia)...

Yes, I'm in the same fix. My bottom jaw gets so tired of chewing sometimes I spit my food out...but the speech therapist I went to helped alot and gave me instructions on strengthening my tongue and face/jaw. I just need to keep them up cause they do help. Plus cutting your food up small. The exercises make you look totally ridiculous! But, they really do help with the slurring and eating. Good luck!

here are some helpful exercises:

- saying "guh" (10x)

- saying "eee" (10x)

- breathe thru nose (several x), and say "aaa" once

- singing

- pronounce multi-sylable words

hope these help.

I slur my speech 24/7, worse when tired. I would suggest you see a speech therapist, as they can give you several hints to help with your sore jaw and tongue while eating..., ;o)