Total Hip replacement experience

I am having a total hip replacement 21 June, has anyone had personal experience of ataxia and hip surgery. My consultant has said that he is going to fit a flexible part to avoid dislocation I really happy that my arthritic hip is being dealt with but I am still nervous. It has taken my GP 18 months of faffing around in which time I have gone from walking independently to using a frame.

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I’m so sorry you feel messed around, it’s bad enough anyway with long waiting lists.

Someone in my local group has had a knee replacement, but I don’t know anybody whose had a hip replacement

:slightly_smiling_face: You can read previous posts relating to this. See the magnifier top right next to your profile picture…type in Hip Replacement to see links.

:slightly_smiling_face: Best wishes…let us know when you’ve had the surgery.

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Thanks Beryl. I have tried to search but it’s questions with no answers from many years ago I am quite active still so hoping for a positive outcome. I am yet to find another ataxian who has or is having a total hip replacement. I will post when I can as I think this has been an unanswered question for several years

:slightly_smiling_face: I found recent posts ( 3wks ago) on Facebook…National Ataxia Foundation Support Group.

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I have both hips replaced. Both went okay no problems. Happy with them. My Ataxia did not cause any problems. Except they kept me overnight because I have a tendency to fall. :wink:. Being a fall risk they showed me more how to use a walker. You will be fine and love your new hip.


I’ve had both hips replaced with no problems. Glad I have new ones.

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Beryl Thank you I have joined the group. I don’t normally join support groups on social media as they can tend to be negative. However I will give it a go

Was muscle weakness an issue

I wish you the best of luck with your hip replacement and an easy recovery

Sharon from ModSupport

I thought I would give an update of my total hip replacement the good bad and ugly. I had my surgery in the UK and am 20 days post operation.

Day of surgery I met my surgeon and anaesthetist where I actually said that I was petrified. I was first down so no nervous wait.
I had a spinal block and despite me shaking it was successful, the anaesthetist stroked my face and then decided he would make me have a dose
I don’t remember anything but came round chatty, couldn’t feel my legs because of the block.
With the spinal block it is common to have low blood pressure afterwards I did faint a few times.
Next day out of bed with the physio, this is where I had to explain my ataxia and how it affects me as I am my own expert.
You have never seen a walker dance so much with my tremor but after a few practices, I was discharged on day 5. I can recommend isotonic drinks for the first week.
I have no stairs at home so being back at home wasn’t a nightmare.
First few days I could only shuffle around sliding things across work services because I couldn’t carry items.
My legs were so heavy and achy from bruising and swelling. I found a silky sheet helped me slide when getting into bed.
Day by day I got stronger, I could stand for longer, tiredness swept over me at all times of the day.
On Day 16 I had the strength to get dressed with the help of my grabber
From this day my progress improved, I ditched the walker for my rollator as this is faster. I also started furniture walking.
I am now at day 20, my clips came out at day 14 and my wound is dry. I still feel stiff and walk slow but my arthritis pain has disappeared. This week I have been walking for a few minutes every hour but do an additional 20 mins because this is what I use to do pre operation. Physiotherapy tomorrow hopefully I can start my weights again soon. My ataxia is mild but not mild enough to hide I maintain it with meditation and visualisation. Looking forward I am doubtful that I will be able to walk independently but who knows.
I hope this thread will help others facing a total hip replacement.


We’re all SO glad that every day for you appears to be getting better. Many thanks for your wonderful post. It is excellent information for those considering a replacement.

:slightly_smiling_face: I’m so glad your surgery went well…and being pain free must be wonderful.
Thank you very much for being so frank…people often ask about Hip Replacement, it’s good to know it can be straightforward.
:slightly_smiling_face: Best wishes :slightly_smiling_face:

You are doing great and an inspiration to us all. Keep up the exercise it is very important.A friend of ours is considering another hip replacement (she does not have Ataxia) so it is great to hear about your progress.Keep well and positive.