What helps to ease the tremors?

Foe me it’s lavender essential oil and if you don’t already take it Sinimet.

Hi Optimistic

Tremors are awful aren't they.It seems to affect eating in that I throw food all over thhe place and make a dreadful mess.Typing has to be edited numerous times and I can no longer do the gArdening as I cannot be trusted wwith even a tiny bit of soil and seeds go everywhere. My doctor and I are working on it now but after 3 different meds there has been no alleviation of the tremors.Sinemet may help as I know my dad who had Parkinsons was on Sinemet.Let me know if you find a treatment that will work. I am desperate to maake it less debilitating.

So far, only on my left leg but they happen more frequent. Will be discussing possible treatments with neuro

Mine is only my right hand and at times not always. I have not told neuro yet…

Sometime ago I found a mention of the anti-epileptic Carbamazepine being used for Tremors but I wasn't able to find a scientific write up to back this up. I'm on it for pain management and do wonder if my tremors are better than they would otherwise be.

Mine are restricted to my right side & happen in my hand when I am trying to do something that involves motor skills. My leg acts up if I stand in one place too long. I am still undiagnosed, but am looking to change that in the next few months.