Trip to Europe

Hello everybody! I was thinking of visiting my Aunt this year (probably for the last time) in Italy and was wondering if there should be anything I should bring with me to make my stay more comfortable? I was thinking of bringing with me non skill pads for the bathroom and my rollator because it has a seat for me to use instead of sitting on their low couches. Their roads are all cobble stones! Any other ideas would greatly be appreciated.

I visit my mother in Bangladesh almost twice a year. It’s a longer trip then Italy and it is not a direct flight. So I usually ask for wheel chair assistance at the airports. I have noticed that journey usually has a toll on my ataxia and speech. I don’t really know if it is the fatigue from the journey or “jet lag”. I usually take Melatonin with me to adjust with the time change and also when I come back. Have a safe trip.

Thanks Shoaib for the advise! Having Melatonin together with pain medications is a good idea.

I see from your post you were also on that BS clinical trial (BHV-4157). Hope you had better luck than did.

Yes I received one year trial of BHV-4157 from Johns Hopkins. It did not do any good to my SCA. But since it was the first trial of this kind for SCA I was little excited about it at first, and then of course followed by disappointment. I have hope that someday they will find the right kind of “Glutamate Modulator” that works for SCA, may be in my lifetime.

Same here, I was so excited when I started. I finished the trial and have a post exam on the 31. Make sure you get all blood reports from the trial AND if you can get blood result on your liver. I think we are guinua pigs…

:slightly_smiling_face: Re your trip Henry. Consider taking a Grab Bar with you. I’ve seen them in Pharmacies and such as Walmart, but if not have a look on Amazon. I have an adjustable one, the suckers hold well and it’s lightweight for travelling :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Awesome! I was thinking of the exact samething. I am going to look at Amazon right now. Thanks again

I find I can use accommodation that is not designated accessible by using my rollator. Obviously need walk in shower though. suction grab rails not always usable on uneven or textured walls but rollator does the job.

Thanks Patsy. My wife says, to make it “interesting”, their bath tub is curved to the middle and you use a shower handle to wash off. Wow, can not wait!

Hi Henry.n,

no idea what these pads are…Italy is a tricky one…avoid elevated areas, like hilly Sicillian villages, uneven surfaces, never mind hills…make sure your aunt has grab rails for getting into shower and out. (I presume non skill pads)
what your current state of ataxia is, depending on how far you can go…I mean, I am at the beginning, but greatly enjoy help at the airport, esp. the big ones…So don’t feel embarrassed requesting assistance. Ask her if she could hire a wheelchair, if going on a small trips, lots of walking…it is easier and you can swap places, who will sit and will push…Enjoy your trip and your stay with your aunt…I presume she is elderly.

I am planning a trip home to Slovakia, next year. But first, going to pick my sister-in-law with her son at the airport, wheelchair used no messing.They never flew, so it is easier for everybody…Will hire a wheelchair, as planned trips, to a zoo…my husband cannot walk far, has walking issues.

I know what you mean with cobbled stone roads, if practicable avoid them…

Sorry I am in Britain, so even a word rollator, I do not understand, but if it helps getting off their settees, brill. I personally CANNOT use a walker (zimmer fram, either with wheels or not), but if that would help…go for it…

Thanks ladybird, being in Europe you surely understand my predicament. I wish people in Europe have showers! Bath tubs with shower handles is all. At least they all have bidets! :open_mouth:


    May 30

Thanks ladybird, being in Europe you surely understand my predicament. I wish people in Europe have showers! Bath tubs with shower handles is all. At least they all have bidets! :open_mouth: