Trouble in crowds?

Does anyone else seem to have more trouble in crowds?

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I am afraid of crowds and had to quit church. I do, however, like places with carts like the grocery store. Feel safer.

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Crowds make me very nervous. I have a walker with the 4 wheels and a seat.
It makes it easier. The biggest problem is mental. DON’T worry about people
looking at you. YOU have a condition and you are trying to make the best
of it. GOOD luck with all your endeavors. Let me know how it works out…:smiley_cat:

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I was. I went to physical therapy and they taught me how to walk through a crowd. Now I just think of it as practice

Crowded areas can be very disorientating for me, I can feel almost engulfed.

Supermarkets are soothing in one way because there’s always the trolley/cart to lean on, and that gives confidence.
Just standing relaxed and moving around holding onto something stable can be invigorating.

But, there is the downside. Invariably it’s busy, noisy, bright lights reflecting on chrome surfaces and not least, lots to look at. Lots to look at means mental multitasking, and that can be stressful, it can bring on debilitating disorientation.

Not everyone with ataxia will be troubled in this way, we all know how varied symptoms can be and obviously it is best to ‘choose your battles’ and try to shop when it’s likely to be less busy :slightly_smiling_face:xB

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I dislike walking in crowds because I really don’t like people walking behind me. I feel like I need to hurry and get out of their way. Nervous hurrying is not what I do best.

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I’m in the exact same boat! I get very stressed in crowds which stinks because I miss going to stuff like concerts and sporting events. I get so worried about being in peoples way and getting nudged or bumped. I get all tense and then it’s harder to move around and keep my balance. It’s definitely nice to have a cart when going grocery shopping.

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I can’t maneuver in crowds. I avoid them like the plague whenever possible. I also find grocery carts very helpful and sometimes look forward to grocery shopping for this reason, to give me a break.

Yes. I take an anti anxiety pill (buspirine).

At 63, I also hate crowds. I even have to get off buses or the trax if it gets too busy. I will get off and try to take the next one. I just thought I was affected with agoraphobia because I could not leave my house for several years. I now go to dances, and started to go to church. I have been a widow since 2008 and have just started dating. Some days, I use a cane or a walker (also with 4 wheels and a seat) because I get unsteady and have fallen.

The sad thing is, I have two sons, and my eldest also has Episodic Ataxia: we are learning to live with this illness together. I never associated my illness with being afraid of crowds, but it makes sense now. Thank you. I learned something new.


Yes, crowds make me feel very insecure, as we are so vulnerable and easily knocked over. People can be rather blunt! However, I found that the best way to deal with crowds is not to look at people, as then they will know you spotted them and you will go out of your way for them. Don’t! They will feel you are insecure. So now I look straight passed them or right through them and keep going! They miraculously go out of my way! It really works! :slight_smile:

This is a good tip. I will definitely try it. Thanks