Types of Neuropathy



I suffer from ataxia and attend the Sheffield Clinic for annual reviews. In 2019 I mentioned that I was experiencing tinging sensations in both feet and a feeling of walking in bare feet along a cobbled street. I was referred for nerve conductivity examination which was conducted some weeks later. I was never contacted with the results of the examination and at my 2020 review with the person who referred me, I asked about the test result. I was told that nerve conductivity was a complex subject and that to be honest she didn’t understand the test results - but that it didn’t matter much because they couldn’t do anything about it anyway. So, I’m left thinking what was the point.

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charming … I understand your reactions.

I don’t even have a copy of the report to Google word by word!

I had a nerve conduction test too and like you ,it was never mentioned again. You sometimes wonder if there is any point in any of it.

:thinking: I’ve had a similar experience myself, and can only assume the findings didn’t lead to concern. But, it isn’t satisfactory. In the UK we often aren’t kept fully informed…Maybe it’s different if you’re seen privately.

I’ve had a few of these symptoms. If I understand correctly, their very doubtful diagnosis was carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS) and sent me to an orthopaedic surgeon. I’m glad to say that he took one look at it and said “this isn’t CTS” and promptly discharged me. My amateur wife was proved correct. She had told me regularly that it wasn’t CTS.

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