I don't know if I'm repeating what everybody knows but this is the lastest information on DLA to drop into my inbox at work.

Latest information about PIP from the DWP suggests-
• New claims for PIP will start from April 2013 in Merseyside, North West England, Cumbria, Cheshire and North East England. New claims will start from June 2013 for the rest of the country.

Existing DLA claimants aged 16– 64 will be moved over to PIP from DLA ‘naturally’(on renewal- where a fixed term claim comes to an end from October 2013 onwards), or supersession- (there is a change in circumstances from October 2013 ) or …. in a ‘managed’ fashion between January 2014 and April 2016.

Past changes in the Benefit System have shown us that these timetables often slip because of delays such as further consultations, computer systems, administration and legislation(the regulations for PIP have not been passed yet).
Our in-house course on Disability Living Allowance/ PIP is aimed at helping you to maximize your clients’ rights to DLA and how to manage the transition to PIP.

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What do you mean by on renewal where fixed term claim ends October 2013?

I got asked to update info the beginning of this year and was awarded it again (Highest rate of each) I can't remember if there was an end date but as was only renewed beginning of this year, am I likely to be transferred straight across? Is likely to be next April or part of the 'managed fashion' between January 2014 and April 2016?

This is just a copy of my email, but as I understand claimants will be moved over to PIP without lose of benefit and assessed as each award comes up for renewal or changes in circumstances. I think individuals should not panic too much about these changes we have been dealing with the more recent changes to Incapacity benefit to ESA and on most occasions appeals have been sucessful, A couple of pieces of advice is to always take somebody with you to an assessment, always get the CAB or similar agency to fill in any forms for you and dont just say something like 'I can't bend over' follow it through with 'I can't bend over to pick something off the floor'. But please don't panic I have a feeling the timeline will slip however will post any updates I recieve.

I didn't go to assessment I told them I'd need Home assessment with my social worker present and a sign language interpreter. I gave loads of extra information and didn't get asked to g to one. I just got a letter to say I had gone straight through to support group.

It did take them a while to pay me it was 6 weeks before I got the back payment and another 6 weeks before I got paid again, after several complaints and a letter sent by recorded delivery they eventually started paying me on time and apologised for the inconvenience!

Unfortunately that seems to be the norm now. There's no quality to any services. I work in mental health and just had an individual deemed as fit to work, judged by the fact they were wearing makeup and didn't look like they had a mental illness. I have a feeling individuals with Ataxia will not have much trouble with the new reform as it is a obvious disability which will not go away unlike stress or backache, although I would love to give my Ataxia away.

I think those that are still able to walk and have much milder symptoms may possibly run into difficulties unfortunately or for those who have Episodic types where the level of severity is not constant.

I was watching the panorama and channel4 thing and someone on inside of ATOS been secretly filmed was telling undercover person things like if they have a finger and can press a button they can type. If they are deaf but can lip-read the words "Fire - get out" they can work as that's all they need to understand under Health & Safety! (or something to that effect!). If they put too many through they get called in by their superiors and seemed under pressure to get a certain amount of people back to work with only the most severe cases going instantly through to support.

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