Vision Therapy for SCA3

I am seeking feedback from SCA3s with double vision who have done vision therapy to alleviate it. I already have prism glasses, but wonder the therapy sessions my optometrist suggests would be worth it. Thanks!

:slightly_smiling_face: No SCA3, but I have had chronic eye problems.

I’ve been through …Prisms - Occlusal Contact Lenses - Botox Injection - Strabismus Surgery

:slightly_smiling_face: Surgery was successful in creating single vision. But, it does not help with Nystagmus

Bonjour , j’ai également un sc3 Macho Joseph diagnostiqué en 2008 , malade depuis 2006 ai commencé par une diplopie ett nystagmus . Chirurgie du strabisme 2x sans résultats (au bout d’ 1 année diplopie revenue) je porte des prismes de temps en temps ( conduite et cinéma) visiblement c’est un des premiers symptôme de la maladie , donc pas grand chose à faire

:slightly_smiling_face: For the benefit of others, this is a translation of the above post…

Hello, I also have a sc3 Macho Joseph diagnosed in 2008, sick since 2006 started with diplopia and nystagmus. Strabismus surgery 2x without results (after 1 year returned diplopia) I wear prisms from time to time (driving and cinema) obviously it is one of the first symptoms of the disease, so not much to do

:slightly_smiling_face: I was possibly lucky to have a good result. This procedure was done in 2014…and now (8years later) I can sense some double vision coming back. I do not know whether I can have further surgery, my Surgeon said she had pulled the muscle as taut as possible at the time.
:thinking: Prior to this surgery, I had a Botox injection into the muscle, I wonder if this helped the effect of surgery…

Lots of us with many forms of ataxia have vision problems. I have been wearing glasses with prisms for at least 20 years. My cousin who has much worse double vision has had 2 operations to correct hers. In discussions with others it seems to be common to require another operation after a number of years. What does vision therapy comprise? If your double vision is tolerable enough to be corrected with prisms then I would recommend this route. Of course, any form of exercise (even with the eyes) is great for us all.

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