Want to buy a rollator

I had a trivial fall last night while walking to the dining table, and ended up with 3 fractures on my left metatarsals. I want to start using a rollator at home for safer navigation. Any recommendations of model and make from other users would be most welcome.

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We just bought a Volaris Smart S7 for my daughter. We researched them extensively. It is by far the best made and most stable. The center of gravity is low and the wheels are like train axles - they actually are stable going over bumps and curbs. The brake cables are inside the frame so they can’t get hung up on things. It folds easily. My daughter is 21 and she didn’t want an unstable rollator or one that is geriatric. It is designed AND BUILT in Sweden. The rollators from China - like everything else made there - are poorly constructed. We ordered it online.

Best wishes and no more falling


(We ordered it from http://www.xlentcare.com)

I use a Three wheel one around the house. With a basket and tray, it is easy to carry things. When I go out I now use a Dolomite Jazz from Sweden.

This is the walker I use. I needed an extra wide walker because the previously ones, I had tendency to kick the wheels and its wide enough where I can walk between the wheels. The seat flips up to allow more walking space. It is also equipped with front brakes for extra support. It cost a little more than most because of its construction. If interested here is the link:


good luck in you buying decision

TFI 2155/1
The GRAND Line Extra Wide Rollaider(TM) Rollator

Weight Capacity: 700 lbs. (317.5 kg)*
8" (20.3 cm) wheels on each side in rear and 8" (20.3 cm) swivel casters with brake in Front
Auto retracting seat
Easy operating hand brakes with push down lock out feature
Dual safety release pin for folding – folds to 6¼" (15.9 cm)
Angled front legs to insure stability
Double tube cross brace, side leg braces for added safety
Adjustable in 1" (2.5 cm) increments

Color: (B) Black
Construction: TUFF COAT 1” (2.5 cm) tubing
TUFF COAT steel frame
Height: 33" – 38" (83.8 – 96.5 cm)
Seat Height: 22" (55.9 cm)
Seat Width: 19 1/4" (48.9 cm)
Width between grips: 23" (58.4 cm)
Overall width : 29 1/4" (74.3 cm)
Overall depth fully extended: 24" (61 cm)
Depth Folded: 6¼" (15.9 cm)
Weight: 30 1/2 lbs. (13.8 kg)
Packing/Wt.: 1/ctn – 34 lbs. (15.4 kg)

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Hi Profvasant: Your fall sounds awful. Awesome, you are going to use a rolator. All these suggestions are great. I got a DRIVE vendor on Amazon. Because, I’m a 5’10" woman, who has had tons of PT. I went to a medical equipment store

I don't know if you do eBay or not, but I did get a nice rollater from there, for very cheap. I did get one like John showed you. I buy a lot of things from eBay.

…to try them out. My rolator fits the requirements of height adjustment and correct (PT) walking, stepping into it. Mine’s also light, collapsible, with a seat, back support, and removable basket under the seat. I’m 62, and never walk without it. Good luck, sincerely. Ellen

I got one that can be used as a rollator or a transport chair. I mostly use it as a transport chair ( like a wheelchair, but has to be pushed by someone else) if I’m out somewhere, and as a rollator at home. The one I have isn’t great with bumps outside, this one has bigger wheels so would probably be better.


I recently bought one which I like very much. It is the Drive Medical Nitro rollator. They are available in several colors and price ranges $200-$300. Just put drive medical nitro rollator in your search engine and a large number of sources appear.I got mine through HealthyKin.com The price w/ ship @ hndle was $208

I have an Access Active Rollator (I bought it on Amazon). It's very easy to use (has a seat which lifts up, there's a removable basket underneath) and folds for transport in my car. I haven't used it in my house, as I keep it in my car for pleasure walking. I LOVE it! My best to you...,;o)

It depends on what your needs are. One of my needs was a seat I could use immediately if needed, so I wouldn't fall. I also have weakness in my hands so a walker that didn't require my hands to grin a brake was important.

Here's what I use:


Take care!


Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I decided on the Volaris Smart S7 (Teamdawson's suggestion), getting it shipped to a friend in California. Should have it here (Bangalore India) in a couple of weeks. Will keep everyone posted on how it turns out.


Dear Vasant
I know you will like the Smart S7. I wish you the very best in all…and for no more falling.
All the best

Access Active Rollator made in Sweden. No hanging wires, very snazzy!! Got mine on Amazon.

Dear Suzi, I also have an Access Active Rollator and LOVE it (bought it on Amazon too)! ;o)

Dear Rose
We looked at the Access Active too but didn’t like the wheels-they were a bit wobbly. And although it is designed in Norway it is made in China.
All the best

Dear Teamdawson, I was unable to try-out my Access Active Rollator before purchasing it on Amazon. Fortunately, my wheels don't wobble! It is very sturdy and flows smoothly, even over grass and dirt. Everything about it is easy to adjust/do. Yes, I realized it was designed in Norway and made in China, as I did extensive research before purchasing it. All that mattered to me was that it was made well for my needs, which it is! I'm glad you and your daughter are happy with the Smart S7! My best to you...,Rose ;o)

I agree with Rose. My wheels don’t wobble, it’s very sturdy. I. Am 58, still have to feel that my "accessories " coordinate!! It’s rather a sharp piece of equipment. :slight_smile: