Weak knees

I am a bit concerned
every so often my right knee
gives way (buckles )
Any thoughts suggestions

Yes, my thoughts are that it is very scary when this happens and is often followed by muscle spasm - the muscle goes rigid and there is no hope of recovering your balance.

Some years ago my knees got so inflammed, painful and hot. I thought it was due to a cycle accident, but I didn’t hit my knees, so it left me wondering. I had to give up cycling, running and aerobics. Took up swimming again, but sometimes they still flare up. More recently one leg, usually my left one, seems to forget to come with me when I’m walking. This has caused a few laughter moments! And yes sometimes they give way all together, especially when they are tired. It is a concern and being aware of this is a good way to look after yourself. I find having a sit regularly in between chores helps.
Enjoy. Jenny.

Ooooh Yes! I’m in the weak/painful knee Club. I was so active at work and home(running) that when my Ataxia started it took me about 8 years to figure it out. I thought I had just used and abused my knees. Little did I know…

I have had this several times now and a cane won't cut it for support. A walker doesn't help all that much either so thats why I rely on my scooter most of the time. The only thing I found is that when this happens for me I monetarily loose all control of my leg and fall then have a difficult tine getting up again. Same for either knee.

You might want to try eliminating gluten because your immune system must be weak and inflamed.

It is important that you do not eliminate gluten if you intend getting a gluten blood test. You have to be gluten 'loaded' and even after the test, you need to keep eating gluten foods as they might lose the sample and need another.

There is a backlog for gluten testing at the moment. For some reason it seems to be popular to get tested.

My granddaughter had a coeliac test and it was mistakenly thrown away before testing so had to be done again!! I doubt that it was just her sample.. probably a whole batch.


I have fasciitis (bone spur) in my left foot. Sometimes because of favoring that leg, the knee hurts and acts up. It has been lately really bad. When it does this, I can hardly get around. Doc has prescribed Meloxicam which usually helps inflammation, but proper shoes and heel cushion seem to help as much as anything, Knee problems are bad news!. Tell your doc about the symptoms--may take some xrays or scans to find scource of problem.

Patsy, the tests are not definitive as yet and can be false negative and false positive.

I suggest doing the elimination diet. It takes longer, but is more specific to the person. no diet is perfect for everyone across the board and the best way to handle gluten issues is to consult with a gluten medical expert, do your own research, and patiently experiment with your diet,

I am gluten-sensitive and follow Dr. Peter Osborne's free info online, as well as Dr Perlmutter from the Harvard School of Medicine, which is free as well. Also, About. Com's Jane Anderson's info is free as well.

Yes I heard about the false positive and false negative although my daughter in law tells me there is a test now available.. cant remember what she called it but it means that it is inherited. It negates the need for biopsy [apparently]

I am still waiting for initial Coeliac test results .. they are chasing the lab as it is well overdue [6 weeks].

I am going to follow NHS procedure before trying the diet .. I am quite good at looking at labels for my granddaughter so shouldnt be too difficult [LOL].


Patsy, I think the gluten test you mean is a genetic test.

patsy, Thanks for sharing!

What is the NHS procedure please?

I'm sure you are aware that gluten sensitivity is not a disease as is celiac. Many times labels are not authentic and the packaging and most processed foods can be cross-contaminated, even beans. Most packaged food packaging contains corn.

I do best when I skip all grains, diary, caffeine, alcohol, spices, soy, and sugar. I eat organic, local farmers market produce, lots of good fats in the form of raw butter and olive oil, pastured eggs, homegrown dark,leafy greens and other veggies and organic, pastured protein, and skip the g-f products completely. heavy metals are also a problem for most of us and along with glutening, don't allow our nutrients to be absorbed.

My diet is basically Paleo, but I don' eat a lot of red meat, and when I do, it is grass-fed and usually buffalo or game.

I found out about my own heavy metals and supplement absorbtion through a hair analysis, which aloows update reports in the form of charts so I can compare past and present progress. Also has a specific fiet for me as a fast metabolizer.

yes, genetic, that's the word I was looking for.. NHS procedure is UK service.

You have my admiration for researching and maintaining such a strict diet.

I am 72 this year and a bit stuck in my ways with diet. Plus I have a husband who likes to plan our meals.. that's part of our social life.


Thanks Patsy and good luck with this challenge. I am about to publish a cookbook-memoir about my search for my best diet.

Dear Doug, I tore a cartiledge in my left knee years ago doing a flip off rolled up mats, something I had done numerous times before. Anyway, the knee was great for years, but since my ataxia diagnosis (eleven years ago) it snaps out of joint (hurts like heck to snap it back in joint). My right knee hurts too (I have a Bakers cyst behind knee, which sometimes develops as a protection mechanism after an injury), as I fallen on both knees a few times. My theory is I probably have arthritis in them, as I'm 60 years young now...,ha! I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor in August, so will see what he says..., ;o)

Judita said:

You might want to try eliminating gluten because your immune system must be weak and inflamed.

Eliminating Gluten can hide Celiac disease. I urge you to speak to your doctor. Self experimentation is never the best way to proceed

Yeah, I get this. I also get it in my ankles. Standing would be too easy otherwise:-)

Exercise and stretching helps a lot. For me it's more likely to happen in the couple of hours after I wake up (I tend not to move my legs much while sleeping!) or when I've been sitting down for ages. I also do exercises when standing where I bend my knees and straighten them again using my leg muscles (without using my arms to pull myself up). My physio said that practicing that movement would help - by preventing it happening or by making recovery easier.