Knee problems

I am having a lot of problem with my right knee.It was normal until a few years ago. But now It is weak and unstable and turns to the left.making me knock kneed. My Doctor seems to think it is due to my CA but as it is only one knee affected.I doubt that. It obviously makes walking harder and my balance poor.

Does anybody know if knees can be affected like that in CA

I know my knee especially on the left side plays me up more than the right one does, I always suffer on my left side more than the right and I put it down to using that side more

You could ask to be referred to a Neuropyhysiotherapist :slight_smile:. It’s possible that specific exercises could help:slight_smile:xB

I have had both knees replaced so am probably not the same as you, but am having trouble with just one knee/ Mine I sure3 is the3 replacement cause it has been 25 years. The muscles from Ataxia don’t help.