Why are motorized scooters so expensive!?

I need to get a motorized scooter. My husband told me to call my insurance and see how much they cover. I just called, they don’t cover anything at all. So I then called the medical supply store, and asked them how much a scooter is and they said between $1000 and $2000. I don’t believe it. Why doesn’t insurance cover this?

I have to say that is absurd, I'm getting one next Friday. The only difference should be what they pay, in my case they pay 80%. I can't imagine there be a difference between a power chair and scooter, as far as insurance is concerned. Quite frankly I'm surprised the med supply store didn't know that, that is their primary objective, you know "medical supply". When you agree you want a scooter or what have you, they send a form to your doctor. If he knows you need on he'll sign it, then it goes to an assessment place and they determine what you need. I would look for another medical supply store preferable a mobility specialist like: http://www.unitedseating.com/ , you may want to even try them, I'm sure their in your state.

I hope that helps,


I paid $879 for my travel scooter at The Scooter Store. It’s real handy. Comes apart in 5 pieces for easy transport. Not real heavy.

I have a Rascal for sale $200 needs batteries

Do you have Medicare (through Social Security, if you live in the US)? If so, they may pay some amount towards your scooter. I agree with Gianluca, I'd try another medical supply store..., ;o)