Young people`

hi are there any young people in their 20's who suffer ataxia here. please reply

Nate Redman Age 20, SCA type 7

Would love to get be in contact with others around my age

im 27, fredreich ataxia, can i add you on facebook?

yes, its Nate Redman from Littleton Colorado There are lots of Nate Redmans, the picture is of me with the band "New Medicine"

add me at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Yep... My type is unknown... current diagnosis of a-typical FRDA....

I'm 21. first symptoms were noticed aged 2!

i am writing for a friend...he is about to be 21 and uses a wheelchair, someone has to help him with every task of daily living and he can barely even keep his head up anymore...we mostly communicate by him making choices through eye gaze. today we asked him if he'd like to find some blogs about other people who are dealing with the same kind of things that he is experiencing. he agreed.this website is a little hard to navigate but we can get on it where he is....he used to walk and run and cut up...and things kinda progressed through the years. he is in an inclusive classroom. cognitively it is pretty clear that though there may have been some setbacks, he is mostly "with it"...not sure what we are looking for, wondering if anyone has advice or ideas about other resources that might be encouraging to him as far as staying positive and not "giving up"...ways of framing ataxia...etc. ill be sharing anything shared directly with him.peace.

i agree, for me facebook is easier to navigate so are any of you on facesbook?

Hi, Im 26, live and work in London on my own, so would like to connct with others my age. Was diagnosed with FA in '97.

u got facebook dave?

age 19, had cerebellar ataxia since i was 14-15

yeah, im on facebook under David Owen

Hi I have Ataxia (unknown cause) and am 25. I'd really like to contact with others around my own age... As many of us have facebook how about we make a group? If anyone wants to add me its Taryn Louise Cotton on facebook.

Bobby Kumar said:

age 19, had cerebellar ataxia since i was 14-15

if anyone wants, im Bobby J. Kumar on facebook