A cognitive issue, forgetfulness or simply old age😂

Yesterday, I congratulated myself on standing my ground and returning an out of date meat product to a local supermarket🙂

Since I was there it seemed a good idea to get a basket and buy a few items to make the trip worthwhile.

A few aisles later I was having second thoughts, balancing a walking stick, basket, shopping bag and handbag/purse as well as a self clicker thing to record the items, was too much like hard work🙄

Arriving at the self service checkout I got a withering look from the man behind me in the queue, as I transferred my shopping into the shopping bag. Only then did I realise all the shopping could have been put straight into my shopping bag, no need to lug the basket too😑

Normally I always push a trolley to help me balance, the bags are put in there ready to be filled as I walk around the store. Something went wrong somewhere😂xB