A Little Something to help

For many of us muscle rigidity, cramps, etc. can be a huge problem. muscle stiffness may impair walking, standing, or just plain hurt.
I’ve owned one of these for many years but use it on myself more frequently.
They aren’t cheap, but mine seems to help a bit. But what is expensive when you consider the cost of a chiropractic visit or message therapist.
Oh sure it’s always better if someone else uses it on you, but it can be done by you.
Just thought I would share something that may help bring some relief for achy joints and muscles.

Power Fingers


:slightly_smiling_face: ‘pulsed acupressure’ sounds interesting. It’s always good to get recommendations. Visits to complimentary therapists can be expensive in the long run, and unfortunately not everyone gets relief from medication :slightly_smiling_face: xB