Any tips please?

I normally shave my legs and under arms but my co-ordination is getting worse and I kept cutting myself. I wondered what other folk do please? I am a real coward and do not fancy the waxing strips. Many thanks for any advice : )

Hello Lit, JulesG from ModSupport here. I just had to reply to your post ... I use an epilator (mine is a Braun Silk-Epil) for my legs and I spent a bit extra to get one which also has a shaver head attachment which I can use on my under-arms (there is NO WAY I could use the epilator there ... far too sensitive). It is also a mains/battery combo power unit which gives enough use time to take it in the bathroom with me away from the power socket. I guess if you're used to shaving your legs anyway you could just swap a razor for an electric shaver. Good luck with whatever you try, hope you find something you're happy with :-)

Hi Lit Smith, I had a lot of trouble with shaving my legs and cut myself numerous times until I changed to using baby oil. I found that it doesn’t get slippery when in the shower and I’m cut free most times now. Good luck with whatever you find.


I gave up shaving my legs when I lost my balance in the shower and fell bending down. I decided it wasn't worth it. Why does leg hair become so unbearable when it's on women, anyway? I still shave under my arms because that's pretty easy. I don't look when I do it because that makes me dizzy, so sometimes i miss a few spots, but i usually get it all.

Thank you all so much for the great tips.

I had no idea that shavers can get wet now! I have decided to get a lady shaver to use in the bath. Thank you all again : )

APPARENTLY men's shavers are much better. I found a lovely firm who specialise in electric shavers and emailed explaining my needs and they recommended the Panasonic ES-ST25 KS Wet & Dry Linear Drive Men's Electric Shaver. It looks perfect. Many thanks again : )