Ladies, I need some advice

I have a terribly hard time shaving my legs. I tried Nair, but I got a rash from that. Can anyone help me with an easy way to shave. It used to be so fast and simple, but now I am scared I am gonna fall, it is so hard!?

Hi :slight_smile:
Believe it or not but I’ve never once felt the need to shave my legs, I prefer to think
I’m more lucky than lazy :slight_smile:

What does present a problem for me is, toenails! Bending over I lose focus as well as
balance :slight_smile: xB

Have you thought of trying the sticky strips ? It would be a lot safer. I have tried them in the past and they were quite effective. Now, like Beryl I leave well alone.

I’m so glad you asked this because it is SOOOO hard, but what’s a girl to do!!! Lol!!! I sit on the side of my tub but standing back up is getting very tricky!!! I did put a grab bar in the shower but can’t reach it from there!

I use an epilater, it means I can sit on the sofa with my legs up and take my time. No looking down for long periods and it lasts for a week to a fortnight depending on the strenght and growth of your hair.

It does take some getting used to but a few paracetamol's half hour before can help in the begining. Once your used to it the hair grows back more sparse and you will hardly feel it.

You can also get some you can use in the bath with water to help he pain.

I use electric shaver now on the bed as last time I tried using normal razor to shave my legs, I cut 2 fingers (somehow my stupid hand jerkedd upwards), I was lucky I didn't cut my face, too dangerous for me now so find it easier with the electric one or get my husband to help out

hey butterfly, yeah nair didnt work for me ethier, i should probably just stop shaving, i nick my ankles so often cotton balls, cheap ones bought from the dollar store work best for stopping the bleeding. and it also helps to sit down after u cut em b/c it stops the blood flow.

I had an embarrassing appointment at the dr’s last week. I went about severe pain in my left knee and foot, the look of horror on her face when she saw my hairy leg!! I explained that I struggle with shaving due to balance and she was lovely about it and I could laugh about it by the time I left the surgery.