National Ataxia Foundation #2018AAC Philidelphia

Excitement building for #kNOwATAXIA
#DYK #ataxia
Broadcast from @NAF_Ataxia #2018AAC

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Hi Alan, I didn’t find you. Which SCA Birds of a Feather did you attend?
What do you think of the conference and will you go to the next one in Vegas.

apologies, it was a very busy time…
(I was at the front for the general sessions, as live tweeting #2018AAC)
I also took part in the podcast (will post link soon)

I missed the birds of a feather sessions this year.

I will be attending Las Vegas

Great! I am torn whether I should go to Vegas. Last time I went, before this disease got worse, I had a blast by myself. Now I am afraid I will not be able to go everywhere like I use to plus my wife has invited herself. Oh well…

Nice to meet you! See you in Vegas.