Bloody atos

I have now been waiting one year for a assessment with ffff…atos they say they have thousands of people to see and they deal with first application then onwards . total crap .there’s a women in my block who’s waited only three months to be seen.she can walk her dog twice a day use public transport no worries. It’s said it’s post code lottery to be seen .Ha.theres a atoms center just 7miles from me Hastings isn’t a big town so why does it take a year .I could piss in their letter box from here.god DWP ATOS SORT YOURSELF S OUT. I needed that rant .sorry.

Rant as much as you like. Everyone needs to sometimes. Here to chat.

Thanks milktea .just off I’ve suffered for years and asked for nothing until last year when I became quite ill now I really need help and support they talk down on you as you’re not worth to be on this earth because disabled and feable.(you cant work you no good) .anyway change of subject how are you I read your profile and again it mirrors me and others I read .I’m new to this site and was scared and didn’t no how it would effect me. In ten years of having ataxia this is the first time I’ve spoken to others with this. I don’t feel so alone now.