I would like to move as I am graduating in June this year and want to move to a better location to find a better quality of life and better job prospects. I am trained in customer services and sales, have qualifications in equine nutrition, computing and business.The area I am in at the moment either is like 'a ghost town' or seems to be focused on finance or software, both of which i am useless at and don't like haha!

Anyway, I would like to ask does anyone have any advice? Also, as I don't have a job to 'walk into' I will need to go on benefits (housing benefit), can anyone give me any tips on this and how to go about it as I have no idea!? Having ataxia also means I will need somewhere that is 'ok' for an ataxian with a large garden and second bedroom for a part time carer....does anyone no if I have to do anything different due to this or change? I've heard horror stories! My ultimate goal is to have a place of my own haha :-/

Hi Taryn, I live in the States and I can not get housing assistance. It is myself and my son. I would love to live on my own now. But I know the UK is different. I know this didn't help. Good Luck and please let me know what happens.


You can go anywhere but never come to Enfield, London. London Borough of Enfield is the worst place for disabled people especially when it concerns housing. Good Luck.

try toursim 4 all

andd many more


I live in the US, so am unable to help you with any suggestions. I just want to comment how impressed I am over all your achievements, in spite of having ataxia! Good for you! I wish you a bright future..., ;o)

I wish only good things for you, Countrycat! You sound as though you're dealing with so much! My best to you on your move..., ;o)

If I was to move I'd definitely consider how easy it would be to get to specialist ataxia centres as well as where the jobs are. You could try contacting the local council about housing benefit. Wishing you well :)

Hi, thanks everyone! Not fully decided yet.....

Linda, I'm sure you'll do better once your happy with where your living! Don't give up, theres a future for everyone :)

Off to have a look at the site Alan suggested :) thanks again x