Cell Phone Vibration Sensation in Leg

Does anyone else ever have a cell phone vibration in their leg?

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Yes, and it is very disconcerting-is this a symptom of ataxia? Can others weigh in?

I have had to go into my settings on my cellphone and turn the vibration off because I get startled every time and if I go to one of those restaurants that gives you a device that vibrates and light up when your table is ready,I have to give it to my wife to hold. Sensitivity to vibrations is one of the symptoms of sca. I don’t know if other people have this problem but I sure do.

No, I haven’t had this problem.

This is sort of thing is becoming annoying for me too.
Electric/battery operated toothbrushes are out, I can’t bear the
sensation on my lips. My feet and hands are permanently affected,
and it intensifies when I grip with my hands, or put pressure on the
soles of my feet. In my case, I’m supposing it’s peripheral Neuropathy,
which is an ataxia symptom. Recently, I was prescribed Acetazolamide,
one of the side effects is ‘pins and needles’. My hands felt as though
there was a ‘force field of numbness around them’. xB