Cognative thinking getting worse day by day

I find myself sitting each day trying to remember what I was doing and what I needed to do. I have a real concern that this is getting to the point that this condition will take me over mentally. I'm not depressed or anything like that,and always try to keep a positive outlook with this but I feel like my mental state is slipping more and more each day. it's starting to feel as though I'm looking at the outside from with in my own body and have no complete thoughts or reasoning, ,just existing in a vegitative state. I have tried every trick to keep myself on track with notes and stuff like that but even that is not working any more.Even in typeing this ,if I don't read it over and over I lose track to where I'm going with mind fights with the thought process and getting the words out is very hard.I have seen phsycoligests and phsyciatrests,and they give me meds for depression and anxiaty, but I'm not depressed or have anxiaty. but they always tell me that you must be.But I'm not...the medications that they give me make my stmptoms worse and they dont understand why. well, it could be that I'm dizzy and off balance 24/7 365 and the meds they give me always have an adverse reaction to the dizzieness and nausa feeling that I already have.then they just tell me that I should just follow up with them on a as needed basis.So I guess If and when I feel depressed and or have anxiaty I should call them. Then what ? more meds to help me feel more intense symptoms.I guess that will solve the problem...They just don't get it,I deal with this every day I tell them and it has become so intense that it is impossable to describe to them just how bad it is affecting everything in my daily life.Including with how my cognative and problem solving skills.Balance and walking are very difficult as they can cleary see but they tell me the mind is a very powerful thing and that I am willing this to happen to me...Really....And I thought I was the one loseing my mind.....And when I tell them that...I'm no longer a Patient they tell I walk away thinking I the only one here who's in the right mind with this whole thing? Is this going to get worse? Even if it dose, will it even be a worrie...I guess I would be im my own little world then and probably wouldn't even know it happened, nothing would be a problem any more.But I don't want that to happen, So I fight it harder and harder each day. Hopeing I just don't slip away into that little world.

I have searched for someone with cognitive problems like mine
You have do not give up
But keep in touch