Could we improve our proprioception?

There must be ways to minimise the effects of our CA and adapt as well as possible!

At the moment I’m looking into proprioception and kinesthesia. Our insight of where we are in space. i.e. are we about to loose our balance and how could we make sure we correct this? Of course the most important factor is our cerebellum - or rather the lack of some parts of it - which can’t be cured. However, maybe we could strengthen the signals, so our cerebellum can’t ignore them? And always take things slowly, so our cerebellum will get the time to adjust.

Our brain receives different signals to determine where we are in space. The visual signals are very important. You could check this by seeing how you function with eyes closed. If there is a difference, it means the visual signs still work and you could strengthen them and use them! When walking, try to focus on horizontal lines. Move your head always slowly, so you do not loose visual information for a second!

Of course you could enhance the perception of where you are in space, by touching things. It helps me to lightly touch a wall when walking or carrying a light trolly. That way you get an extra feedback with every move you make.
Also it helps to feel your feet better. I start every day with wobbling on a spiky balance board to sentisize the soles of my feet. I wear magnetic, spiky insoles in my shoes.

Other signals seem to come from receptor cells in our body that react to stretching. They are located in all our muscles and joints. I’ve not yet figured out how to enforce those. Would it help to exercise stretching and rotating our joints first thing in the morning? I do believe the ones in my ankles and hips are not always functioning properly.

Anybody any ideas on the subject? Your input will be greatly appreciated…

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Lack of spatial awareness, and perception of depth are very disorientating and challenging, ideas of how to help cope are always welcome :slightly_smiling_face: With the best will in the world it can’t always be easy to stay focused and safe. My particular problem is, I regularly forget forget about kerbs, and their differing depths. If only I could remember not to step off ahead of my walking stick :smirk: xB

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Thank you for the feedback Beryl_Park! You are so right. It’s not possible to stay focused all of the time. Not even close! Still it helps to try, especially in dangerous situations, like walking in hectic traffic. Maybe we should playback in our heads the automated voice at the Airport saying: “Mind Your Step”! :wink:

That would be so helpful :+1: If only it were possible :wink: xB

hi, i hope you took my recomendation aboout the magnets because they are doing me wonders. i did try the neck brace but it was too much for me[ made me too dizzy] it was too close to the brain i guess.try a magnet head band. but go with nikken brand . you can get it on e-bay.or try the neck brace around your leg ?

Although Magnetic Therapy is considered as ‘Complimentary Therapy’ there have been Clinical Trials in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

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Bobby I looked for magnets on Amazon. Did you mean the stick on patches? Thanks :smiley:

no. look for nikken magnets. there are a lot of copy cats. you can get them on i wear the insoles in my shoes [magstrides]
if you want any more info on them write to me
XXXX@XXX bobby

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Thank you, Bobby. I do wear the magnetic Nikken Magsteps insoles now and they really help to feel my feet better! However, I’m not sure whether that is because of the magnetism or the foot massage you get from the spikes with every step. I’ll look into magnetic therapy. How would it work??? It might be an idea to wear the neck braces around my ankles!

A functional neurologist taught me a great exercise to improve proprioception . Email if interested. JD


Thank you, JD. I’m very intersted. However, I don’t have your email address. Could you email me at XXXX@XXX?

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