DLA reforms not looking good

Some new info on the DLA reforms are not looking good, they seem intend on cutting off as many people as possible!

The new PIP will only have 2 levels and its thought that those on lowest rate of DLA mobility won't qualify at all. They are also now considering not only whether a person can walk or not but how well they can move around in a wheelchair for example those who can't walk but can manage a manual wheelchair will no longer qualify for the enhanced rate.

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DLA mobility for people in nursing/residential homes are still been planned on cut but not as early as first planned and its not yet known whether the care part can only be used for carers wages etc

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Disability groups slam parliamentary 'trick' over welfare bill


I didn't know about that.. Surely the European Court of Human Rights should be involved?

Do you know any contact details for them to send them a copy of the link?