Does cold make your pain/stiffness worse?

Does anyone here suffer from spasticity or stiffness? My leg is really stiff/spastic and it's been really cold where I am and I think it's making my leg worse. The pain is really worse and it's a lot stiffer... does this happen to anyone else? I hope it's just the cold and not me getting worse...

Well with Ataxia nothing would surprise !! I need to take a daily anti-inflammation pill (Ibruprofen) helps..It's Summer on Oz and the aches n' pains show no mercy..Stay warm now :-)

I am prescribed baclofen for this symptom. It does help but makes you drowsy in daytime so I just use it after lunch if I am not going out for rest of day.

I use thermal underwear when going out in the cold too.

hope this helps. x

I do believe its the weather. It happens to me too, it affects mostly my back and then legs. I just deal. But I want to move.

Dear Runner, The cold weather really effects me adversely. It's bitter cold right now where I live, and my stiffness/spasticity is much worse than it is when the weather is warm! I have more joint pain also! Oh the joy of ataxia...,ha! ;o)

The cold weather really plays havoc with me, I get stiffer with both my hands and legs. I have to keep them as warm as possible.

I'm on the Ataxia forum on Facebook too and this question has been asked there and it seems its quite common for extremes in weather to affect us.

Can anyone tell me how I join the facebook ataxia group? Thanks. X

YES , I have spasticity mainly in my legs but also in arms and back , and sometimes my neck and face . The cold is horrible for this , if I get too cold i can start to shiver pretty violently and uncontrollably. When this happens , my spasticity gets so bad I just am not able to move much at all . Its like trying to move in quicksand .

And there is the Pain , that accompanies this , joint and muscle , no doubt due to the spasms .

Currently we are in a cold pattern so I wear layers and stay out of the cold .

My psychiatrist says this is not a symptom of ataxia , nor is the spasticity. Not sure I totally believe him on that as a lot of you on here have similar symptoms . But you may want to look at other things as well , You may have multiple things going on .

Hi Julie,

its under Episodic Ataxia Support Group, you ask to join and they probably ask you to say what type you have etc. There are all types of Ataxic people on there and they are really helpful very much like this site.

Yes the cold does affect my spasticity and stiffness. I too take baclofen and it helps a lot.

Stiff will help by stretching and exercising. For spasticity there is a medication. Do you take an over the counter inflammatory med. or Celebrex. That might help.

Oh yes, you are not alone.

I really hate the extreme cold. I am miserable. Even with flannel sheets and an electric heated blanket, I still get the shivers and spastic joint pain. But what am I going to do? I'm too old to move to a warmer climate & start over. I guess I'll hang in there & let my teeth chatter until spring.

Cold for sure! Stay warm and exercise

I have a lot of problems with the cold, I wear a winter coat all year almost and like jack sprat my wife is the opposite. If I go out in the winter without protecting my neck and ears from the cold I really suffer all the ligaments or tendons in my neck and head area tighten and wont relax until I get inside and warm. My whole body is cold and when it is 73 degrees I still need double blanket when I watch TV or go on the computer. I have been trying iodine for the last month and a half trying to help the thyroid along. Jerry

Hi I live in Massachusetts and it’s cold, overcast and about to snow today. I won’t go out as my balance is affected when I go out when it’s not sunny. I take ibuprofen for the stiffness and the pain. I can’t wait for my joints to thaw out in the spring!!

Yes runner it makes mine worse like many extreme cold will induce stiffness in wrists, ankles, fingers and my neck. The neck issue is the worst and most painful as the muscle almost snaps and pings like an elastic band and it hurts more than a migraine! I have to keep heating at around 60-75 during winters as I get terribly cold feet and if sit shivering for too long it feels like I've ran a marathon trying to control my muscles while shivering. I've always had very cold feet and found I live in slippers when cold helps me maintain my walk however come spring I pretty much spend the year barefoot indoors I curl toes to balance. I though the british winters were harsh on me but the Indiana ones have wacked a number on me these past few winters enough that I end up housebound once it hits below a certain temp I will refuse to go out period as I feel like my legs are made of lead. Keep warm I hope the aches ease perhaps you can buy some gel heaters you can keep in your pockets to rub on legs once aches hit?

You know if I get really cold my legs get stiffer. In fact all of me gets stiffer! Yoga stretches really help me a lot because they warm up my veins, muscles and arteries. I find drinking Organic NO caffeine tea helps warm me up and gets me moving more. Plus I think it is the warm water that my legs need. I have to drink it throughout the day too. I have to wear socks and turn up the heat and turn on the fireplace (we have an electric FP with a heat blower).

I wouldn't worry or (future trip) about getting worse, just concentrate on keeping your body temp up.:-)

I live in sunny Queensland Australia and recently went to freezing Tasmania. I discovered then that yes frickin’ cold makes body esp legs so stiff. I felt like condition had progressed years in a matter of days and I fell which I don’t do a lot of yet but after that started taking vitamin D as recommended by neuro to strengthen bones to minimise breakages and I think I’ll stay in Queensland…

Cold is a nightmare! Try really hard to avoid it. I wear leggings most days and if I have to go out water-proof trousers on top. Fury slippers help too and a hot water bottle : )