The Weather and Ataxia

Does anyone else get extra pain and stiffness when its either very damp - days of heavy rain in summer or once it starts turning colder in winter?

Usually I only get problems with fizzy arms, pain and stiffness during the winter, and its not as bad through summer but over last few weeks when we had the really heavy rain I have had problems with waking up with heavy pins and needles in arms/ hands., them feeling heavy, and alot pain in back of hands.

Once it gets really cold in winter I also often wake up with stiffness in lower back and calf muscles and my thighs feel funny (achey/fizzy), but havent had this throughout summer.

I wasn’t sure if I had just over done things, or slept on them or there was definitely a connection between it raining and my symptoms!

Anyone else get this?

Very hot weather causes my fingr joints to swell up - this is due to raynauds syndrome. I do feel achey and generally more unbalanced than usual too but take anti inflammatories which help the aches and pains.

Cold weather is awful - cant cope with that at all - need to keep warm.

You know, I’ve been stiffer than usual these last few weeks, but I thought it was just another ‘down’ cycle in my up and down ataxia life. So my answer is yes…my joints, especially my knees and hips are very stiff with this humid (for New Mexico) weather we’ve been having.

Hi Kati. Weather really effects my symptoms. When it’s hot and sunny like today, I spend it indoors. I get very dizzy, upset stomach, my knees, tops of my feet , fingers and nech stiffen up and ache. Humidity effects my breathing also. When to weather changes to rain, or any kind of storm, I get this strange sensation all over my body. Like a tinguling ( bad spelling), feeling. I feel like I have bugs crawlling all over me. Then I start picking at myself. Once the storm is over, so are the sensations. I seem to relax and be calm. When it gets cold, I get colder and I stiffen up conpletly. I can’t use my hands for anything. My neck aches ,I have head pains. Not headaches, my head actually hurts. My legs become stiff making it hard to walk and my balance is off. Some days I just like to crawl into bed and stay there.:frowning: What does " fizzy" mean?

Thats just my word for it lol I think the phrase is ‘like pins and needles’ or like when you open bottle of pop and it fizzes everywhere and you get the fizzy bubbles up your nose… lol Tingling may be the right word!

Its hard to explain like if i got ‘fizzy feet’ i can’t feel the floor properly so have to look to see where if they on ground properly before i try and stand up, cos all that i can feel is the fizzy and sometimes burning sensation as well. Sometimes it just in feet others it seems to go right up legs. It’s weird.

On a daily basis I dont generally have it in my arms as well except for when we seem to be having really heavy rain, i can tell what weather is going to be before I even open curtains… lol! It’s weird been able to predict weather from symptoms as I’m more accurate than the bloomin’ weathermen sometimes!

Maybe all ataxians should apply to work for the Met office!! :O)

I'm in the age group that his happens anyway...:)

I'm thinking of offering my services to the weather bureau. I always get aches and pains two or three days before a change in the weather....

Yes..I'm in that humidity is high..stiff in back.And neck..and.tired..also...feel like I'm carrying a HUGE weight on my shoulders...

I've been..on a gluten free diet.about 10 weeks..

Thought it was that??

It's almost like I felt when.this whole neurological problem..started..10 years ago..

Yes me too , spasticity has been very bad last two weeks , it started before the humidity set in , so who knows . Balance is way off at times too .I dont dare go 5 steps without a walker or a wall to hold on to . Then as usual , just like magic it clears up and I can walk with just the cane, only to come back in an hour or two .

Cold is THE WORST , I jam up stiff as a board , go almost into convulsions from the relentless shivering , get the sweats , even in a room with the heat up to 80 and wearing full winter clothes , coat hat boots and gloves ,covered in blankets I am still freezing ....

I am old so waking up stiff and some pain I attribute that to being my age. Give me winter, an overcast day and a rainy one over summer heat any time. I ride my street trike after the sun goes down and it is cooler. Exercise helps to tamper down most of the aches and pains.

Yes, dampness and humidity real effect me and usually sleep a lot.

Dear Kati, I'm affected worse if the temp is too hot/humid or too cold. I feel best in moderate temps..., ;o)