Gluten Free Diet

My husband (ataxia free) is going on a gluten free diet, should I ( who has ataxia) go on this diet also?

thank you for your input, this diet cannot hurt - he is hoping it will clear his allergies.

ABSOLUTELY!!! I went gluten free a year ago and had stunning result. I don't shake near as much, I have loads more energy and I get terrific headaches when I do take it in. As a bonus I lost 70 poound not even trying, heck I eat ice cream and still feel awesome. Big time supporter of g free!!

I’ve been off Gluten now since 2004. My symptoms keep getting better and better the longer I stay off. My Dr suggested I go off for a few weeks and see how I felt. Like she said if after a few weeks you find it’s not making any diffrence with your symtoms, you can allways start eating it again! I don’t see where you have anything to loose by trying it! :0)