Not sure wether to have my hair cut short, because I am beginning to find it a chore to wash brush and maintain everyday.
Is that the same for most of us women.

Hi Loz- I’m not encountering that issue, but just food-for-thought, with short hair, 1) it is vital to wear big statement earrings :); 2) seriously, a shorter style will require a larger budget for maintenance…unless someone you know has a talent with sheers.

I am struggling to hold the dryer and I keep dropping the brushes.Hair looks like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards.Drying my hair now makes my arms ache.I dread it.

Because I used to be a hairstylist I have a few questions that pop up when I hear something like this. Do you go to a hairstylist that you have known for a while that knows your life, your hair how it responds etc.? Even if you don't know them that well you can always explain what problems you are having and ask for a low-maintaince duo or a no-maintance one. Does your hair have any movement to it? You need to know what your options will be. If so they can enhance it and give you something that also looks good, makes you feel great and is easy to maintain so it won't cost you allot in upkeep. Julie's right about up keep if you go short. Medium length seems to work best for people that don't want the up keep of every 5-6 weeks.

If you exspaline what you don't want to do most hairstylist that speciase in your type of hair usually know what works with your bone structure.

With a meduim cut it's less work and you can go much longer inbetween tune ups! :0)

I used to suggest people cuting out diffrent photo's from magizines to show what kind of idea's they were having then I'd show them on the photo what their hair actually could do or what they had to do to get that look in the photo. Then they could decide what they were willing to do to achieve any look. That gave me a dirrection to go from. You know people don't realise that they can always make an appt with a hairstylist so they can give them a consultation which are usally free and then they see your hair and can give you options at that time. Hope that helps!

I stopped having my hair permed about 10 years ago because it seemed to have lost its elasticity and just went frizzy but I recently had a wash and leave perm followed by a short cut. It still does have a tendency to frizz but there are so many good products around these days to combat frizz - I find it much easier to manage.

If I want it to look different for special occasion, I just straighten it.

I find a hot brush much easier to use than hair-dryer but even better is to wash and leave and then style with straighteners.

Having it long enough to tie back is also helpful.. if it suits you. I agree about earrings.


Thanks for sharing tips
A perm sounds good
Hair might be easier to manage
Loz x

Hi Loz, I just got my hair cut off. I hate it. Everyone else say they like it. But I do not. I miss my ponytail. Im growing it back! Just my opinion!


I find that it is harder to keep up with my hair. I keep my hair fairly short with a perm, it is so much easier to take care of. One problem that I am having is that I am losing my hair, does anyone else have this problem

Hi Loz, I cut my hair short about seven years. Sometimes I try to grow it out but find it too hard. It makes me look worn out and it is so difficult to get any style. I like a short hair cut because they're easy to style, and you can wear them in a variety of ways. I don't know if you have gluten ataxia, but if so I have found some great shampoos and styling products that are gluten free. I'll be glad to share it with you. I also suggest you purchase a couple of hair styling magazines. It's always good to be able to show your stylist a picture. Be very clear in telling your stylist what you want. You are the one that has to live with the style. My hair is very short. It took me awhile to get to this style. I love it. You might want to start off with a cut just above your shoulders, then if you want to have it shorter proceed from there. That's the way I did it. Ahbee

I have always worn my hair very short and although I have “cow - licks” everywhere, it was fairly easy to manage, using an air- brush. Now with the ataxia, it is much more difficult to do an I look like I stuck my fingers in a socket sometimes. Oh well, we all have bad hair days. :slight_smile:

I have short hair and it requires a lot more styling than some long hair does. Can you pull your hair back in a ponytail or wear a headband? I would rethink cutting it if you will need to do a lot of styling.

I had a perm for years.You don't have to wash your hair so much but the second one went wrong.The lady left it on too long and I looked like a poodle.

My hair is really long
May be I want a change
I don’t know
Thanks for taking the time your replies our much appreciated

Hi Loz,

When I was younger I grew my hair long and I used to wonder why some women had drastically short hair cuts. Now I understand. I'm okay using a hand dryer BUT with the ataxia, I've lost coordination and I end up burning parts of my scalp trying to use a curling iron. (Sometimes I wouldn't even feel it). My hairdresser helped me decide on a "fuss free" hairstyle. I am dependant on a walker and therefore I spend a lot of time looking at my feet. I don't want others to watch me try to walk so I had a big shock of red put in front of my head. At 59 yrs old- it makes me feel "punky".

Everyone is right- it is high maintenance but I feel I'm worth that at least.

Have it cut in a long style. They have such cute ones. Then go shorter if you want. I played with my hair to look short. I bent it and it looked great! But not the same look when you get it cut off. Have it styled in a long cut.


Can you please post the gluten free hair products you have found? I would like to try them.

Thank you!


Hi Again Loz - Would a detangler spray or leave-in conditioner help?

Also, I have some natural curl in my hair; and let it air-dry…if I blow it dry, it gets really, really funky, and I have to do a ton of stuff to it to make it look normal…so usually, I just opt for air-drying.

Also, there’s a newer business out where you can go to like a mini-salon bar to get your hair blown out…cheaper than the full salon-deal.

Also, there was a post on your thread regarding hair loss (can’t find it now, unfortunately)…here’s a link regarding that on a different BF site:

Hi Loz, I think it true with most of us.

My hair has gotten to thin and I really miss it long. (It was just thin to . I have the most stylish style I could ware . I miss being able to wear it up, or tied in the back on a day that I didn't have time for fussing. The old pony tail was fun and peppy to.

Good Luck, Enjoy what ever you decide. Remember it will grow back. haha Lassie-Elena

I just got a 50% off Groupon for Pura d’or Hair-Loss-Prevention Shampoo…never heard of it, but thought that the concept was interesting.

I had my hair cut short after I had my son (first child) 31 years ago. I've kept it short, but as others have said, one has to get trims more frequently, etc. Also as others have said, you can always pull long hair back with a tie, so that's nice! I don't have a perm, but have in the past. I suppose I'd use your best judgement on what may be easier for you, I use a curling brush, although it's gotten a bit more difficult with ataxia, due to my dexterity being effected. I have stick-straight, high-lighted hair, so a curling brush is a must for styling for me. My daughter went school for cosmotology and is a salon director, so she trims and high-lights my hair, so I'm lucky! I guess my only other option is having my head shaved, although that would be nippy in the Winter months...,ha!