Hands hurting because of use of rollator

Does anyone else, ataxia related, have hurting hands because of use of rollator or could it be arthritis? I always use my rollator - wonder if the pressure of my hands on the rollator is a contributor?

I do not use a walker anymore, but I think it is very possible that the pressure hurts your hands. You could try some soft pads such as these: http://www.mobility-aids.com/walker-accessories.html or google “hand pads for walker” for more choices.
Hope his helps.

Sorry, the link does not show what I wanted to show you. Here is what I was talking about:

Interesting subject Faye and thanks for info Cicina. I walked a very long distance with my walker at the weekend and although my hands are not sore, my upper body is aching all over. I think the soft pads would absorb the shock when leaning heavily on the handles.

However, having only just checked, I realise that the walker you refer to is not the same as my 'rollator'.

Dear Faye, I don't use a rollator all the time, only when I take pleasure walks. But, I do use a cane and find I have hand soreness (from pressure). I do have arthritis in my hands, particularly the thumb joints. I exercise my hand with hand exercise balls. I bought a three pack in the exercise aisle at Target, as my neuro told me to keep moving them. Thanks for the link to to the pads, Cicina! ;o)

My home walker has palm holders but the one in the car doesn't. I can definetly tell the difference. I had a bout of bicep tendonitis a couple years ago tho. Dr. said it was due to use of the rollator but it was fit to me by a therapist and I didn't use it that much at the time. So make sure it fits your height right.

Off hand it makes sense that pressure while gripping is the culprit, not to dismiss the possibility of arthritis as well. When I once was able to use a cane then a walker that rolled to one that did not roll each created pain in the hands. I know I held on for dear life because fear of falling.

Patsy, try this website :
http://www.nrs-uk.co.uk/comfort-hand-pads.html Could this work for you? It is a UK website. It would be cheaper shipping for you than from the US.

'Use rollator exclusively to get around. So far there's been no problem with hands from it. I have some slight arthritis in my hands and they are stiff and I can't make a fist or grip something tight upon awaking in the mornings. My mother had rhuematoid arthritis and it was bad in her hands. Years(yah eons) ago a doctor told her to keep moving or she wouldn't be able to. I do have to watch or I catch myself hunching shoulders wih the rollator.

My wee daughters hands get very sore and also break out she has excema she’s 10 n uses a ‘‘kaye’’ frame

I combat the problem with kids bike gloves there padded and the material’s not too bad, as sweaty palms make it worse