How to find a relationship?

Has anyone had any success in finding a partner of the opposite sex for friendship or more?

I have early stages of SCA 7 and tried many online dating sites with no success.

Shane, I have had a girlfriend for about a year now, things are great. I’m divorced for a while now, and I thought I would never find another who would understand/tolerate my visible symptoms. I too, also played the match game on many websites (they are evil) with no success. However, through some sort of karma, I was chatting online with my high school sweetheart and we got together for drinks. We started dating, I was totally up front to her about my disabilities.(Important) She understood what she would be in for. Ironically, she also has major health issues, so you could say now we are quite a pair! We have laughed about some things, and cried over others together in dealing with our ailments. In conclusion, I’m certain If you keep looking you will find the right partner. (They are out there) Don’t get discouraged. And always be honest about your disabilities. Best of luck to you.

Hello Shane,
Have you thought of a disabled dating site?
I only suggest this because my daughter is being diagnosed with FA and I think that when the time comes and she loses her mobility, I think it would be helpful for her to meet other young people with the same condition and therefore many of the same challenges she will face. As a family we don’t know anyone who is wheelchair bound so I had thought of joining social groups etc so she can meet others. She is ten years old and she fears standing out from the crowd and being different. I thought that being in a situation where she’s not the only one with mobility problems would help with that. Perhaps that might suit you? I’m very new to all of this so I hope I haven’t caused offence.
Failing that, get your friends to set you up on some blind dates. That worked for me.
You’re a handsome man with a lovely smile. Good luck.

Thank you Hutchy-10, I appreciate you sharing your experience as It often feels like it’s an impossible task. I will keep trying as I rarely give up on anything.

Hi Emma7, I tried a disability dating site a while back but unfortunately it’s full of scammers. It’s really sad to say but some horrible people target these site to fleece money from desperate people. I’m sure there are wonderful people on these sites but you just need to be careful.

Scammers are on every site not just for people with disabilities. Until you meet someone face to face I wouldn’t completely trust them. I’ve even had scammers talk to me on the phone. They can’t fool a picture. My response when they want money is that I’m on a fixed income so they could send money to me. Scammers are not limited to people on disabilities. They are looking for anyone to send them money.

I’m still walking without aids so I usually wait until I meet someone to tell them about my disability. I would recommend that if you are using any aids be up front. Some people don’t mind.

Online sites are not “evil” but you do need to be cautious.

I’m on Plenty of Fish because I can limit the area. I’ve found that people that are out of the area and you can’t meet them are more likely scammers. If they’re in your same town it’s harder to be a scammer. I would also recommend that you do a great job on your profile. Google help on writing a good profile. You can write the same thing as someone else but if you word it differently you’re more likely to have better responses

I’ve been trying. No luck though.

I’ve had zero success myself. I’m good at building friendships but can never get it to the next level. Any advice would be awesome!

I decided to put 100% into updating my dating profile and see how it goes. I had some professional photos taken to mix in with some personal ones. Someone also helped me write the description and included a small paragraph about my health at the end.

Will let you all know if it works.

I am looking for a relationship. Can you give me some pointers?

I know this is an old (and probably defunct) thread, but I just have to share my experience here.
I was diagnosed with ARCA1 at 21. At 43 now, I met my wife to be over 5 years ago, and married her a little over 3 years ago. She knew what my ataxia would probably have in store for us and it didn’t matter to her. She is my biggest emotional support an is super-considerate when thinking about my physical abilities and limitations.
It IS possible!!