"Looking for Eve"

I'm 62 years young.Live with Ataxia in a Nursing Home and would love a relationship with some-one to share my life with!The ladies I meet are too patronizing...hello darling..you look handsome to-day etc..I know they mean well,but I think you probably all know how that can make one feel.Ya with me ?lol

I don't think I'd trust the Internet,but I'm on Face Book mainly to see my grand kids develop and that is a marvelous medium to have..Who knows what tomorrow brings so anything you'd like to share about your experiences I would sincerely love to read..I plan to be around awhile yet! 9 years since 1st onset and I get off the walker and shake ma hips :-) Ozzy

BEING ALONE SUCKS!!!!!! It's hard enough to find someone and then when you have a disease of some sort it is even harder because people don't want "baggage".