Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy any good?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy generally is for ms or other inflammatory disorders but as my EA can be exacerbated by stress and diet I wonder if things that help with general inflammation will also help EA. Does anyone have experience with it? I’ve also heard good stories about Hydrogen Therapy with neurological disorders but at the moment it’s not available other than research purposes I believe. I wonder if the two work in a similar way. One thing I do know is that when my head is getting unstable, deep breathing momentarily relieves the symptoms.

Hi Anna,

I like it. We’ve got a soft sided chamber at home, it goes to 1.3 ATM. For me though I like low level light therapy better. I also use infrared sauna and glutathione and Vit c IV’s. Anything that helped me to go back to work part time is good in my world… PM me if you’re after details.

Cheers, Kylee.

Thanks Kylee! I live in a rented property so cannot really install anything at home. There’s a sauna in my gym so I can try that! I am a bit down with my diet at the moment because I just finished a long episode. I only gained my mobility back last Fri but from Sunday I am getting slightly unstable again…Also I just realised that I might have done my keto diet wrong cuz I probably consumed too much protein. Now I try to measure everything and keep the protein down to 60g but it’s so damn hard. I am a bit disheartened at the moment but I will try to keep going… Hope all is well with you. x

Hi Anna, I’m sorry to hear you just had a long episode. Don’t stress about the diet! Just keep trying. What I would suggest is get yourself a blood ketone monitor and that will show you exactly what works with your body and what doesn’t and you’ll end up having to weigh food less. Your gym sauna sounds great. And some more ideas for you to look into if you want (I get “health improvement” fatigue too) photobiomodulation. And Grain Brain, a book by David Perlmutter. Work by Dale Bredesen too. I hope you keep trying. Sorry to be a cliche but I go with “progress, not perfection”. Take care of yourself, Kylee.