Hyperbaric Oxygen Threapy

Hi Everybody

I am wondering if anybody has tried Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Its something i have thought about trying but i doubt i would get it on the NHS so i would have to pay i suppose. And it would only be worth trying if it actually worked.

What are you going to use it for? If you are going to use it because you have one of the ataxia’s I would say save your money. There is no cure for any of the ataxias and I don’t think you would benefit from this.

Okay thanks it was just an idea really i have CA and its not easy living with a condition that there is not even any treatment. Even when i read encouraging reports on any treatment its allway 5 or 10 years down the line it gets very frustrating sometimes.

Hi I’m going to try Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in July for my fibromyalgia and Lymphoedema. My daughter has ARSACS a very rare form of Spinocerebellar Ataxia. When I went for my induction appointment the Drs there told me that there is a study being done for patients with Ataxia type conditions having HBO and they think it can help all neurological conditions as it helps the body to at least slow down progression due to the increased oxygen in the body helping cells to not deteriorate etc. There was other benefits that I forget now but they’ve for instance treated a child recently with cerebral palsy and she has had an improvement in her balance and mobility and so I’m thinking about it for Ella.at the end of the day it cannot do any harm to try. It is fairly expensive at £15 a session and I’m paying £200 for an intensive 20 sessions and then you have one session a fortnight but if something helps Ella or I even slightly it’s worth it. I don’t have that money readily available and will have to borrow it or take a savings plan with the centre but somehow I’m going to do it as if it really helps I’d be stupid to not try. It’s up to the individual of course but I’ll give it a go and report back.

Let us know how it goes. I feel the same as you. There is no cure, but If it helps some it is worth it.

There is NO research towards any negative or Positive results, it is all an individual choice and mindset.

My of the chambers are reportedly for MS but te MS society distance themselves from them ??!!