In the UK. First plant derived Cannabis based drugs to be available via NHS

And what effect does it have on Ataxia?

Maybe if you get HIGH enough then you don’t care LOL.

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I’d like to clarify some points on ‘Cannabis based drugs’. There are over 480 different compounds present in the cannabis plant, only around 66 are termed active ingredients called cannabinoids, primarily Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Cannabidiol (CBD) Cannabinol (CBN) just to name a few. THC is the primary psychoactive component that gives the ‘High’ effect. Many of the pharma cannabis based drugs only have trace amounts of THC.

Many of the pharma Cannabis based drugs presently available are isolates of a single active component and not whole plant therapies. There is great debate over what is known as the ‘entourage effect’ where the range of cannabinoids within whole plant therapies interact with each other to provide a more holistic benefit. By isolating individual cannabinoids, as the big pharmas do, this entourage effect is minimised to eliminated. Also some of these medications are taken orally as an oil, so the ‘high’ effect provided by smoking or vaping is not experienced in the same way.

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:slightly_smiling_face: No-one should expect to get ‘high’ on medicinal cannabis. It’s use for Ataxia would primarily be pain relief. Currently in the UK, it’s allowed to be prescribed for certain types of Cancer, and specific types of Epilepsy.

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I have vaped CDB for anxiety and low level pain relief but it didnt improve my balance or coordination.

:thinking: Patsy, it’s possible that a prescription of Medicinal Cannabis may give a different result, the actual content will be different. Although, whether or not at this stage a Neurologist will actually offer a prescription is something else.

Vaping devices heat cannabis to a temperature in which the mind-altering compounds in the plant are released as a vapor that is inhaled. Vaping is thought to be safer for cannabis and tobacco use because it doesn’t produce many of the harmful components of burning material such as tar and other cancer-causing agents.

But, the researchers say, their study suggests that at least for first-timers or others who don’t use cannabis regularly, vaping delivers greater amounts of THC, the primary intoxicant in cannabis, which increases the likelihood of adverse reactions.

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A study done at John Hopkins.