International Ataxia Awareness Day

I'm so excited! I sent proclamations to the county judge and the mayor,as well as press releases to local media last week. This morning we had a voice mail from the city office saying the mayor would issue the proclamation this evening at 6 at the city council meeting. Hubby & I plan to be there, and hopefully, the local press will be covering it.

I ordered a tee shirt to wear on the 25th also, Maybe I'll hear from the judge later. At least he and his office know now that Ataxia exists.

Brilliant, well done granny h. The more who know the better

Congrats! Great job.

I know I speak for multitudes when I say thank you, from the very depths of my soul. Only someone afflicted with something no person has ever heard of has a clue how much this means. Please consider contacting me if there is anything I can do to help with this. E-mail me if you need my phone number, I would very much love to help. The sense of purpose this would give me would also put me closer to what my life was before this all happened, helping other people. I live in Henderson, just a stone's throw away and considered part of the greater Las Vegas metro area. Thank you again-Randall

You are welcome Heltup. I was excited to get response to my efforts. The thing that would be even more exciting to me would for the local press to respond or better to write an article about Ataxia. Will see if i can attach pictures, too.Thank you, Glitter

THis is the city council chamber, the mayor reading the proclamation, and presenting me with a framed copy of it.

228-iaadpcts001.JPG (2.34 MB) 229-iaadpcts002.JPG (2.28 MB) 230-iaadpcts003.JPG (2.43 MB)

Didn't know picts would be so big! Sorry about thaat!