Interview experience

I was on working interview in a bank. All goes fine, we spoke about working things, they were sattisfied. Then I must do something on computer with Excel, and they say that I seem them slow and refused me. Do you’ve some advices? I am not so quick in focusing with mouse and focusing with eyes, how to trick that?

Hi :blush: This specific problem is due to ataxia and is a challenge to many of us here. Some people may find that it’s transient but for the most part it’s something you learn to cope with. It’s not unknown for people to consider a change of employment when particular symptoms ‘get in the way’ :smirk:

I googled ‘hand eye co-ordination exercises’ and useful links came up :slightly_smiling_face: We’re advised to exercise to maintain muscle strength, so why not eye exercise as well :blush:

Let’s hope someone else comes up with useful tips :blush:xB

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First point they should not refuse you employment if you have or just because you have a disability. You know the programs, however you may be a little slow, no big deal. Second point, did you explain from the very beginning that you have a disability? They might have been more understanding, That’s important in my experience.
I was let go from my one job for liability reasons. However I did find more suitable jobs that accommodate my disability.
I totally understand your frustrations, however there are no tricks, or at least tricks that cover up dysfunctions such as this. But honesty with your potential employer goes a long way in my opinion. Good Luck!

On the computer, I use keyboard shortcuts whenever possible, I find that easier/faster than the mouse. It takes a bit of practice to get them into your muscle memory but it was worth it for me.

I find that using a trackball or laptop mousepad is easier than a mouse. I don’t know how that would work in an interview, but I agree that you should be honest about your condition. It will become something you can’t hide. If you get the job it may help you to keep it.
Good luck.