Just a thought

Life is like riding a bicycle,

To keep your balance, you must keep moving.


:slight_smile: xB

Certainly is Beryl .. thanks for the thought. x

Definitely Beryl. A bit hard to get going but the rewards are worth it



Great quote.

Sometimes it is a bit hard to get going and harder to stop! It's all in the game though. :)

Don’t know if I can still ride a bike Beryl unless it’s my exercise bike and no, I still haven’t been on it xxx
Hope you’re ok xx

I use my mission tricycle most days to keep active and keep mobile

I googled Mission Cycles, they supply quite a variety!

The optional extras included a wider saddle with a backrest, that would do for me :slight_smile: xB

filmed for broadcast, by BBC Wales, on International Ataxia Awareness Day 2006


(mission Tricycle being used !)

So true Beryl :-) Ha!