MSG- discovery day!

Wow! Hubby and I are excited. He made a HUGE DISCOVERY today. As we are on day 8 of our 21 day elimination diet (the virgin diet) we are eating VERY healthy, which included snacks like celery with hummus. Interestingly, he had had the hummus early in our 21 days with no apparent problem. But today--WOW--he was falling, no balance, unable to talk, and slurring very badly. This really stood out, because he has been getting better with slowly changing his anti-seizure meds and with this new diet. So he asked himself 'What did I eat?' He examined the hummus (gluten free clearly marked) and saw the last ingredient--"natural flavor"--(code name for MSG)The author of The Virgin Diet says that food intolerances are much more subtle than food allergies (no immediate reaction) so very difficult to discern. But if you eliminate for 21 days and then have something--BINGO!--you know what causes problems for you and your body. He went online searching MSG and ataxia and came up with this among others-- The wonderful thing about what we are doing is EMPOWERMENT. Doctors run their tests, but everything we put into our bodies goes into our own personal chemistry lab. I urge you to READ LABELS--these CHEMICALS cause neurological damage. I hope this helps you--Joy