My wife Ann

Hello all, a while ago my wife contacted the Yorkshire building society, charitable foundation to ask if they would be interested about donating to ataxia uk. The lady Fiona May donated £100 on the spot but said to Ann she would like more information on ataxia as she had never heard of it. Ann e-mailed back with Cassie's story and ataxia uk's 2020 vision, so Fiona said to leave it with her and she would see what she could do. Well, Ann got a letter back this morning telling her that they would donate a further £980. This has really made our day and shows that getting the message out there brings results sometimes.

That's awesome news Punk. The more people we can make aware of this 'family' of diseases, the better.


Thanks Poppy we have been in contact with loads of people without any luck but this makes up for it. most banks etc have charity foundations so if everyone contacts them, you never know

Wow Punk, that's brilliant.. congratulations to Ann. What an inspiration.


Awesome, brilliant, cool, amazing and who is this marvelous lady donor? N

Fiona must be the head of the foundation for the building society. I think she was very touched by cassie,s story and that was all down to Ann for putting a human aspect for the donation. People can connect to that

i see and agree. I didn't realize a building society would have a charitable foundation. But it makes sense that it would. .

Very true, Punk. Human stories, especially those involving children, touch people’s hearts, much more than plain hard cold scientific facts.
Bravo to your wife and thank you for all your efforts!

Thanks all x

Well done to you both.I think Lloyds Bank do a lot for charity as well.I am all for awareness.

Kudos to you and your wife Punk! That's fantastic!!! ;o)